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The Post – Troublesome services part one: Royal Mail

Post is chucked, often only metres away from the delivery address

South-east Londoners are up in arms over a postal service they call ”shoddy” and ”ridiculous”.

Barely 11 months after Dispatches exposed major flaws in the national postal service, south-east Londoners are up in arms over the ”atrocious” service provider that is the Royal Mail.

SE1, a local community forum, has accumulated 200 entires since December of locals complaining about the Royal Mail, and in particular, the delivery office on Mandela Way.

The comments range from ‘mail not being delivered’, or ‘being delivered months late’, to ‘letters cut open’ and ‘stacks of post left discarded on skips metres away from the address’.

A poster wrote: ”It is unfair that the postal service can get away with such shoddy service and it only seems to get more and more expensive for a worse delivery.”

Posters also said they were concerned about the rubber bands that got chucked on their doorsteps unnecessarily:It’s the sort of litter that children pick up and put in their mouths, dogs and foxes eat, and then get ill. Or they get washed down the sewers and eventually out to sea. Take them back to the sorting office and reuse them.”

One poster reported missing an invitation to a champagne reception because it didn’t reach him on time. Another got a red-lettred gas bill reminder even though she had never received the original bill. Lots of others were missing credit cards, had unsubscribed from magazines because they never received them on time, or were waiting for books, DVDs, cheques and Christmas presents.

Attempts to reach Royal Mail via the contact details provided on the ”Sorry you were out slips” were mostly unsuccessful. Some posters said the postie hadn’t even checked if anyone was in before dropping the slip.

Frustrated to the core, one poster suggested it could all be part of a trick to get more money out of customers. He wrote after posting a letter on Friday, January 21: ”I was asked if I wanted the letter delivered ‘next working day’. Next working day costs £5.05! Royal Mail appear to be purposely slowing our deliveries to promote a privileged delivery, at 20 times the regular fee – We’ve been had!”

Only 11 months ago, Dispatches broadcast their latest of three investigations into Royal Mail and found that lax security, badly trained agency workers and bad management had led to a dysfunctional service. It seems not much has changed.

I have not yet been able to get a comment from Royal Mail.

If you are facing problems with any aspect of your post, or are supporting Royal Mail, please comment below.


4 responses to “The Post – Troublesome services part one: Royal Mail

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  2. Tara Jane January 26, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Does this affect the SW8 area? I’ve been waiting for a replacement credit card for 3 whole weeks…

  3. CarmenR January 27, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    I think yours is on Wandsworth Road!
    Dear oh dear… have you tried calling them? I’d be very interested in what they have to say!

  4. jasper February 1, 2011 at 9:09 am

    i live in se1 & have been recieving christmas cards (obviously posted in mid dec) as late as jan 20
    in addition, often no post for a few days & then up to ten items at once – its quite clear its several days worth of post coming at once.
    also, a birthday card posted in guildford (from mother dearest) 30 miles aways away took 8 days to arrive.
    is that a record one wonders…???

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